Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The eternal feminine draws us ever onward and upward"--Goethe

A description of Mary Magdalene from Edgar Cayce's psychic reading #295-8:
"This is well drawn by da Vinci, "The Magdalene." A body five feet four inches in height; weight, a hundred and twenty-one pounds--in the general. Hair almost red. The eyes were blue...."

"Mary Magdalene: Edgar Cayce's Da Vinci Painting Found"
By John Van Auken. Posted July 18, 2008

Ann Jaffin, a longtime A.R.E. member, writer, area-team helper, and personal friend, sent me this fascinating news about Cayce's reading on the image of Mary Magdalene and a newly discovered portrait that Cayce mentioned. Most people believed that Da Vinci never painted a picture of Mary Magdalene, but Cayce's readings claimed he did, and that it was a good representation of her. Cayce also tells a very different story of Mary Magdalene than The Da Vinci Code book and movie.

"Our study group recently found another hit for Cayce related to Mary Magdalene. Since Cayce said Da Vinci painted her and a report in the A.R.E. file says that the National Gallery of Art said there was no such painting, someone Googled and found a BBC report from last October that two unknown Da Vinci paintings had turned up in a private Swiss collection. One of them was a painting of Mary Magdalene!"

Ann also sent the web site link to this newly discovered painting that Cayce mentioned:

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