Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Virtuous Circle

The Altar of Humanity : The Manipura Chakra : The Solar Plexus

"We see within the mental system that there are ways in which this one desires change. We see that although this one has imagined ways in which this one desires to be, we see that this one lacks the will and willpower to be consistent and committed to the images that this one holds in the mind. Would suggest to this one that it would be beneficial for this one first to record in writing, using all of the senses to create a very detailed and specific description of who this one desires to become. Would suggest then for this one to place the self in the center of the image and for this one to create a wheel such as having ten spokes, and upon each spoke for this one to place an individual that this one either personally knows, has learned about, or has read about that this one admires and desires the qualities of that individual. Would suggest to this one for this one then to receive pictures of these individuals, placing them each on one of the spokes that go around the wheel, and then for this one to describe in single words the qualities that these individuals have, having no more than three for each of the individuals. [Therefore, no more than three words total for each individual.] Would suggest for this one to create multiple images of this wheel and to place them in areas within this one's path, where this one can continually be reminded of who this one is becoming and is aspiring to become. Would suggest that this would aid this one a great deal in being able to allow the images that this one is holding within this one's mind to become manifested, real, and a part of this one's character. It is also important for this one to be around like individuals, that will aid this one to become who this one desires, rather than those that become jealous or envious and will play on this one's doubt."


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