Thursday, September 21, 2023

Human beings of the future will not be able to live without spiritual science


Rudolf Steiner:  "Spiritual science is not something which is there to satisfy mere curiosity. Not because we are simply more curious than others concerning the supersensible world are we gathered together here, but because we inwardly sense, to a greater or lesser degree, that the human beings of the future will not be able to live without spiritual science. All other endeavors which do not take this fact into account follow a course which leads to decadence. Yet things are so arranged that those who now refuse to accept spiritual science will nevertheless be given the opportunity of coming in contact with it in future incarnations. Forerunners are necessary, however. And those who, through their karma, already have a longing for spiritual science today have thereby the possibility of becoming such forerunners. This opportunity comes to them simply because forerunners must be there, and they must become such. The others who, because of their karma, do not now come to spiritual science, even though they would not reject it, will see the longing for spiritual science arise out of the universal karma of humanity later on."

Source: February 3, 1912

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