Friday, March 18, 2016

Namaste: I revere the Christ in you

"Christ is there before us all the time. He is there in the silence, in the quiet, in the unknown spaces, in the unseen light, in the certainties of love, in the amazement of Creation. Every man and woman on this Globe has the opportunity to know Him. They may not name him but they certainly can know Him. They can go on to decide if they will receive Him or rebuke Him. We know Him by what He is before us and in us, not by legend or by the missionaries' cajoling.

Our commitment to Him and to all that He is and represents even a'further, is apparent within the ways we live our lives. This is to answer all of those who ask "well what of the folk who are still untouched by the scripture, etc." to which we say: Christ lives and moves within us, within the world this very day. He is with every man and woman and child and is faithful to them. Each have the opportunity to dismiss His presence or to welcome it, and this is very much of their deciding."


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