Sunday, February 7, 2016

Common Cause — A Living Meditation

Rudolf Steiner:  "When we come to know the higher worlds, we learn that one thing is not to be found there, for it can exist only in the physical world. The gods of the higher worlds can have manifold experiences, but they cannot experience death. For in the supersensible world, there is no death. The beings of those worlds transform themselves; they pass from one form to another; but they cannot die. And among all the gods and spirits there has been only one, the Christ, who, in order to make common cause with humanity, descended into the human world; and He united Himself with humankind not only through His life, but also through His death. And through His death, new forces of life streamed out. If they are to be new life-forces for humanity, the contemplation of Golgotha must be the starting place, for at this single point in human evolution is concentrated all that God wished to accomplish, for humans, through infinite sacrifice. If you try to take these thoughts and make them into a living meditation, you will see that they can become the source of the strongest life-forces for every human being. There is no more exalted picture than that of the cross raised on Golgotha."

Source: Spiritual Beings, pp. 232-233.

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