Sunday, September 20, 2015

The sutras of our lives : Ma's Infinite Mala

"People whose motives for action derive entirely from external demands, who are impelled to act only out of sympathy or antipathy, will make no effort to become a better example of a real human being. This will happen only if we raise ourselves above the ordinary demands of sympathy and antipathy to moral ideals and ideas. And these moral impulses have to come to us from the spiritual world, for that is how we enrich the life of the soul with new elements. Human beings have a 'history' only because they can bring into their lives something which their inner being draws from unknown depths and impresses on the outer world. Similarly we would never reach a real knowledge of the mysteries of the world if we were not able to take our outer experiences and connect them up--so to speak 'thread them onto'--the ideas that we cannot see in the outer world but which we bring to the outer world from out of our spirit; and only by so doing can we grasp and elucidate the outer world in its true form. In fact this is how we infuse our inner being with a spiritual element and enrich our soul with those elements that we could never acquire from the outer world alone."
--Rudolf Steiner, lecture of March 10, 1910. From Transforming the Soul, vol. 2, p. 118

Each of our lives in Ma's Infinite Mala is a pearl of great price.

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