Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Golden Rule of Sadhana

"For every step forward you take in the acquisition of knowledge, take three steps forward in the improvement of your moral character." Rudolf Steiner

Corollary: "Every insight that you seek only to enrich your own store of learning and to accumulate treasure for yourself alone leads you from your path. But every insight that you seek in order to become more mature in your efforts to ennoble humanity and further world evolution brings you one step forward on your path."   Rudolf Steiner

Corollary: "Our value for the world must be seen to lie wholly in acts of love, not in what is done for the sake of self-perfecting. Let us be under no illusion about this. When a person is endeavoring to follow Christ through love of wisdom and dedicates that wisdom to the service of the world, it only takes real effect to the extent it is filled with love."   Rudolf Steiner

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