Friday, March 30, 2012

Anthroposophia: True Striving for Knowledge: "Learn, Baby, Learn"

Judith von Halle

Judith von Halle:  "The gift of the Resurrection is without doubt a gift that was given for all mankind.... If now mankind wants to respond to this gift, to use it for its future development--for that after all is what it was given for--it has to acquire an understanding for the Christ Being, for the spiritual interconnections of the Resurrection. It has to sharpen its awareness, and let its spirit shine. When at night the human being expands into the spheres of the planets and consciously looks with the eyes of the spirit into the sphere of the Sun, he is penetrated by a truth based on the laws of life: after earthly death the individual self creates from this sphere those forces it will need for the shaping of its future etheric body. However, obtaining these forces is dependent on the level of understanding the individual self in its life on Earth has developed concerning the Lord of the sphere of the Sun and concerning the gift of the Christ impulse. Generallly, it is only possible to find a tree at a particular spot some day if previously a seed has been placed precisely at this spot in the Earth. The human being does indeed plant this seed in his life on Earth, but can find the place in the spiritual world again because true striving for knowledge always takes place in the sphere of the spirit and is written into it. In order therefore to find Christ in the sphere of the Sun I have to work at knowing Him in my life on Earth. Only when I know something, can I find it again. Only if I sow, can I harvest. It is therefore dangerous to wait until death before wanting to know, for in this way the human being will be lost in the spiritual world, without any orientation."
--And If He Has Not Been Raised..., pp. 45-46

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