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Understanding the function, purpose, and nature of suffering: My December 2009 intuitive health report from the School of Metaphysics

December 28, 2009. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark, C-L-A-R-K. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. The essence of this entity may be found at 952 Bethany Turnpike in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

We have this.

You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

There is a longing within this one to be able to assess and to join with others. We see that this one has attempted to move the life in a way that would be of help to other people, and we see that there is a period of time now where this one is reflecting upon this one's effectiveness concerning this. We see that this one is having a tendency to find the self wanting, find that this one has not accomplished those things that this one desired or has in some cases accomplished something that was not expected. We see that this has caused some disruption in the thinking. It has caused this one to reflect and to hold on to certain past situations. It has caused others to arise that this one had buried or had denied, and we see that this is a reflective time for this one. Would suggest that this one cooperate with the self in this endeavor and not fight it; however, to develop an attitude, a mental posture, that would enable this one to more freely examine the content of the consciousness and the ability for this one to become whole and complete in his understanding. We see that this reflection is productive when it is designed or followed in this manner. Would suggest therefore that this one concentrate and focus the attention upon the recall without judgment; to merely allow it to surface in the thinking so that this one can once again relive it in essence and from this different vantage point of time and space; then begin to reflect upon its meaning and asset to the self. This process, over and over, with different thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, situations, events, would be most insightful during this period of time.

The ability for this one to still the emotions is difficult, for we see that this one has practiced avoidance rather than facing the emotion and being able to understand it. We see that the reflective process now does afford the opportunity for emotion to be stimulated. Would suggest that this one not shy away from this or deny it, but to become still and embrace it, for this one to understand the power of the mind. It is the emotion that does cause the attachment to the particular situations that are arising in this one's mind that causes him grief. Therefore the freedom that is being sought is in the emotions; it will not be found elsewhere. This one has had some attitudes of disdain for the emotions and denial of them, feeling that they are less than this one wants to be; and to the degree that this one has held this opinion, idea, or mental stance, this one has strengthened that which this one does not want. Therefore it is in the openness and the embracing of the emotion that this one will find the peace that he seeks.

We see within the physical system that there is some degeneration occurring within the skeletal system, the digestive tract, and some difficulty with the circulation. We see that most of this is due to a kind of need for returning energy. Chakra work would be helpful that would aid this one in being able to utilize the energies more effectively. It would also aid this one to be more attentive to the movement of energy between the self and others, to be more awake about the giving and receiving flow as well as the exchange of energies. It would be helpful for this one to practice some form of energetic movement. This could be yoga; it could be tai chi; it could be a visualized movement of the body. Acupuncture would be helpful in stimulating a regeneration of the body. It would also free energy so that there would be a greater vitality to this one. Rubbing the abdomen in a counterclockwise motion with the right hand, and the lower belly in an opposite movement with the left, would stimulate a generation of energy flow as well that would aid in the balancing of the emotions; it would also aid in centering this one. The ingestion of fish would be helpful--at least twice a week--and the eating of an egg at least three times a week would be helpful in balancing the system. There is a need particularly for the sulfur content of the egg in the body; this would ease the joints and some of the inflammation that is beginning to arise in the body. Vitamin C, D-2, B-12, E, selenium, manganese are all needed in greater quantities by the body. More vigorous movement would be helpful; brisk walking or swimming could be most stimulating to the circulatory system and the lungs. Turnips, lotus root, and seaweed would be nourishing to the body. This is all.

This one asks "How can I help?"

The greatest assistance can be in the reflection that has been spoken of--the coming to terms with those images that are arising in the mind. For as this occurs then this one will have a clearer vision in interaction with other people.

Any further suggestions for this entity’s soul growth and spiritual development?


Any further suggestions for fulfilling this one's assignment for this lifetime?

This would be in understanding the function, purpose, and nature of suffering, or pain.

Is this all?

This is all.

Very well; relax.

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