Sunday, June 21, 2009

Intuitive health report from the School of Metaphysics

June 15, 2009. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark, C-L-A-R-K. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. The essence of this entity may be found at 952 Bethany Turnpike in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

We have this.

You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

There is a plateau that this one has reached in the consciousness in the way that this one views the self and views life. We see that this one is attempting to evaluate and to discern the truth of the life, the truth of what this one has lived for, the truth of who this one is. There is difficulty in this one accomplishing this because there are expectations that this one holds, preconceived beliefs that this one holds, concerning how this should be done or what should come from it. This causes there to be interference in the ability of the conscious mind to reason clearly and the ability of the inner mind to become pronounced. Would suggest to this one that the main interference is an emotional one that centers upon regret. There are choices that this one has made—some were a long time ago—that this one has regretted for some time, that this one has often reviewed or thought about, and wished that different choices had been made. We see that this interferes with the capability of this one being able to see clearly in the present and to be able to evaluate more fully and with gratitude what the choices that have been made have given the self. There is some attachment emotionally to being wrong or lacking awareness and therefore there are judgments that are placed upon the self regarding that. These tend to be out of the present moment and, inasmuch, they confuse the thinking rather than order it. Would suggest to this one to enumerate—to actually physically write down—the major forks in the road that this one has taken in the life and from this to create a kind of map or a kind of visual image of where this one started from and how this one has arrived to the present. By actually taking the time to physically bring this information into the brain and into the physical world this one will be able to more clearly identify the nature of the choices that were made, to review more honestly the purposes for which they were made, and to recognize that in most cases the purposes have been fulfilled. This is a point of fulfillment for this one that needs to be acknowledged and received, that this one continually pushes away from the self because this one is discontented with the way that things have turned out in some parts of the life. Continuing to regret the choices in certain areas will not change this discontent; what will is the understanding of the choices that were made at the time and where they led this one. This process will also ease some of the emotional attachment that has been described that is impeding this one’s thinking. It would be helpful also for this one to focus in prayer and meditation upon appreciation for a period of time that is set aside each day for that purpose. Also making time to write letters of gratitude would be helpful in causing the consciousness to evolve.

In the physical system these attitudes are affecting the circulatory system and heart in that there is some cholesterol that has built in the arteries and we see that there is a need for this to be cleansed. Would suggest chelation therapy would be helpful. Would also suggest the use of radishes, beets, rhubarb. Blackstrap molasses—a tablespoon in water in the morning every day—would be helpful and soothing to the body. Moving the arms in circular motions would be helpful. A lessening of oils—including foods that are oily, such as nuts, avocados, things of this nature. There is some congestion that tends to build in the lungs. Most of this is actually from sinus drippage. Would suggest that acupressure along the sides of the nose and around the eye socket would be helpful in releasing some of the buildup and pressure in this area. It would also be helpful for this one to massage the ears—to pull on the ears, to massage the ears, to flap the ears—stimulation of the ears would be very helpful to the head, to the body as a whole, to the brain, and to the circulatory system and nervous systems. There is a need for this one to have more physical activity; the body can withstand more physical activity and it would be helpful for this one to pursue this. Swimming would be excellent; walking at a brisk pace would be helpful. Working outdoors would be health-producing for the body as well. Rotation of the joint areas clockwise and counterclockwise would be beneficial in causing there to be more of an alignment in the electrical and nervous system in the body; it would also aid in the chi flow. Would suggest ginseng, American ginseng, be used as a tea. Hawthorn berry, Co-Q10 enzymes, turmeric, all vitamin B’s, lecithin, and spirulina would all be healthful for the body. Would suggest that the application topically of magnesium in a lotion or oil form would be healthful to the skin and to the body itself. Chiropractic adjustment would aid, particularly in the cervical and upper thoracic region; there is some curvature beginning to occur here that is also affecting the lower portion of the spine. This is all.

Would that of Tai Chi be of benefit to learn and practice each day?

Yes it would.

Would that of Chi Gong be of benefit?

It could help, yes.

Would that of pranayama be of benefit?

There is already some exercises in that regard. It would aid for this one to have a deeper understanding of what pranayama is and what it produces in the consciousness, in the mind.

This one says "How can I help?"

The suggestions given in the appreciation will be insightful in that regard for this one. The capacity for this one to recognize more completely who this one is and what he has to offer will aid this one in knowing how to make choices that can contribute.

This one says “What is the cause of the pain and debility in the area of my left shoulder?"

This is in regards to degeneration of bone tissue. The suggestions that have been given can all benefit this area. The utilization of magnesium lotion particularly in this area could be helpful. The utilization of rotating the shoulder twenty-one times forward, seventeen times backward every four hours when this one is awake until there is a change experienced.

Would calcium lactate be of benefit?

It would help some of the discomfort.

Any further suggestions—mentally, emotionally, or physically—concerning this area?

This is related to trauma and an injury that was sustained some time ago. It is relevant in terms of mental attitude to the regret and the conflicts that this one has about the choices that were made in the past. Suggestions have been given that will aid in clarifying that.

Any further suggestions for this entity’s soul growth and spiritual development?


Is this all?

This is all.

Very well; relax.

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