Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anthroposophia: You, embodying pure love

from the conclusion to chapter 7, "Freedom," of  The Book of Love and Creation, a text chanelled through Paul Selig:

The freedom we wish for you is a freedom of choice. You must always be in your will fully, and the highest way to be in your will is to align the will to the Divine Self so that the choices that are made are coming from a higher place. We will get to this in the next chapter. And we will close this chapter now by telling you a story.

There was once a woman who believed that she was not loved. And as she went through her experience, her choices manifested to prove that that was true. And one day, when she realized that all of her life had been without form in love, and that there had been no love, she chose, for a moment, to see herself as the God she knew was there somewhere might see her. And the reflection that came to her was one so beautiful that she realized once and for all that the only one who was not loving her was her. And she became free in that moment to embody as love.

The journey that we are taking you on, everybody, is the journey of embodiment as love. You are in the river and we are taking you to the sea.

God bless you each.

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