Monday, June 6, 2011

The Gift of Christ: "Not I, but Christ in me"

Judith von Halle:  "This resurrection body of Christ was like a mighty and unique token for humanity of what the 'I' is able to achieve, when it then becomes active in human beings and remembers once more its spiritual home. This work of creating a purified bodily nature has, since that time, been able to take place in every single human being. Depending on particular conditions, human beings will, over the course of many lives, bring to being a similar spiritualized body to the one the Christ raised up at the turning point of time in three days. This was contained in Christ's prophecy to the scribes, that 'in three days he would raise up the temple' (John 2:19). He was speaking of the temple of the human body in which the new, divine bodily member--the 'I'--is able to dwell, a 'house' that will exist beyond the death of the physical body, beyond the material death of the Earth.

Human beings can now come to know that this 'I'--as it is now able to purify and sort out all the bodily and soul occurrences and disorders in their inner being--is the gift of Christ, is the essence of Christianity. Ever since the resurrection at the turning point of time human beings have within them this Christ seed; and today--in these times when forces of consciousness have awakened in us--we can bring it to life the moment we become aware of it as the force of the Christ in us. This fact of knowing inevitably involves moral action. Human beings begin to become higher beings. And this involves working to create the kind of temple of their body in which the Christ had already clad Himself by Easter morning."

Source: The Representative of Humanity Between Lucifer and Ahriman, p. 36

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