Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The crowning point of all sacrifices

Judith von Halle:  "A bodily form such as this could not be created purely by spiritual 'magic' but only through the incarnation of God, a divine being. This means the descending to Earth of this divine 'I' and of its entering into a mortal human body in which it also went through physical death. Having done this, this 'I' could make genuine forms in the resurrection body. A material form would once have had to exist, however, to create its spiritual image.

In the last chapter it will be seen that this way of becoming also holds good for the forms and content of the First Goetheanum.

Ever since the turning point of time human beings have had before their eyes this goal of developing further and further towards becoming a moral, divine being. By the grace of their Savior's sacrifice they can attain this goal independently; and their own sacrifice will consist in letting go of everything that tries to prevent them from pursuing this path back to their spiritual home. Even Jesus Christ was tested and tempted. Now and then it will appear to human beings that it is a great sacrifice to let go of everything that seems to them to be so comfortable and easy in this material world. They will require many lives to reach their goal. But at their side there will constantlly be the help of the Christ in that He became the archeypal picture of achieving, for all time, the crowning point of all sacrifices.

Christ is the 'Representative of Humanity' in the sense that He has an endless capacity to sacrifice Himself along the path of ennobling man's true being."

Source: The Representative of Humanity Between Lucifer and Ahriman, pp. 36-37

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