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The soul exists for the very purpose of recognizing the eternal in things


More radiant than the Sun,

Purer than snow,

Subtler than the ether

Is the self,

The spirit of my heart.

I am this self;

This self am I.

This verse lifts us up to our higher self every morning. Such verses are not thought up arbitrarily by just any person, but are obtained from the spiritual world. Therefore they contain much more than is usually believed. And one thinks of these correctly if one assumes that one can never completely fathom their content, although one can always find more within them the more one immerses oneself in them. Therefore only individual indications can be given from the esoteric school as to how one seeks for their content. A few such indications are given in what follows.

More radiant than the Sun

We see the objects that surround us only when they are shone upon by the Sun. What makes them visible are the Sun's rays reflected back from the objects into the eye of the beholder. If there were no light the objects would not be visible. But through this external light only the objects of the physical world become visible. For us to see things of a soul and spiritual nature, a light "more radiant than the Sun" must  shine upon us. This light does not proceed from any external sun. It comes from the source of light that we enkindle in ourselves when we seek within for our higher, eternal self. This higher self has a different origin than our lower self. The latter experiences our everyday surrounding. However, everything that lives in this everyday environment has at some time come into being and will one day pass away. Thus our experience of it has only a transitory value. And from such transitoroy experiences and our thoughts about them our transitory self is built up. All things that become visible because of the Sun were, at one time, not in existence, and some day they will pass away. But the soul exists for the very purpose of recognizing the eternal in things. When one day the entire Earth will be no more, the souls who inhabited it will still exist. And what these souls have experienced on Earth they will carry with them elsewhere as a memory.

    It is the same as when a person does a good deed for me. The deed passes away, but what he or she has planted in my soul remains. And the bond of love that has thus united us does not pass away. What we experience is always the source of something that endures within us. We ourselves extract from things that which endures and carry it over into eternity. And when one day human beings are transplanted to a quite different arena of action, they will bring with them what they have gathered here. And their deeds in the new world will be woven out of the memories of the old. For there is no seed that does not bear fruit. If we are united with someone by love,  then this love is a seed and we will experience the fruit all through the future because we belong together  with such a person throughout the future. Thus there lives in us something that is interwoven with the divine power that binds all things together into the eternal fabric of the uiverse. This "something" is our higher self. And this is more radiant than the Sun. The light of the Sun illuminates a person from the outside only. The sun of the soul illuminates a person from within. Therefore it is more radiant than the Sun.

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, pp. 34-35

More radiant than the Sun

More radiant than the Sun,

Purer than snow,

Subtler than the ether

Is the self,

The spirit of my heart.

I am this self;

This self am I.

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, p. 34



Batter my heart

John Donne, Holy Sonnet #14

Batter my heart, three-person'd God ; for you
As yet but knock ; breathe, shine, and seek to mend ;
That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow me, and bend
Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
I, like an usurp'd town, to another due,
Labour to admit you, but O, to no end.
Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend,
But is captived, and proves weak or untrue.
Yet dearly I love you, and would be loved fain,
But am betroth'd unto your enemy ;
Divorce me, untie, or break that knot again,
Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.

August 15, 1987
Swamiji giving a kung fu lesson to 7 'Tuter Tots.
I'm the 40-year-old P.E. teacher on the left in two-tone blue.

"The stars are an expression of the love with which the astral Cosmos works upon the etheric Cosmos"


"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: 
for thy love is better than wine."
—The Song of Solomon 1:2

Rudolf Steiner: The Whitsun Festival, Its place in the study of Karma, June 4, 1924:

"Every star that we see glittering in the heavens is in reality a gate of entry for the Astral. Wherever the stars are twinkling and glittering in towards us, there glitters and shines the Astral. Look at the starry heavens in their manifold variety; in one part the stars are gathered into heaps and clusters, or in another they are scattered far apart. In all this wonderful configuration of radiant light, the invisible and supersensible astral body of the Cosmos makes itself visible to us.
     For this reason we must not consider the world of stars unspiritually. To look up to the world of stars and speak of worlds of burning gases is just as though -- forgive the apparent absurdity of the comparison, but it is precisely true -- it is just as though someone who loves you were gently stroking you, holding the fingers a little apart, and you were then to say that it feels like so many little ribbons being drawn across your cheek. It is no more untrue that little ribbons are laid across your cheek when someone strokes you, than that there exist up there in the heavens those material entities of which modern physics tells. It is the astral body of the Universe which is perpetually wielding its influences -- like the gently stroking fingers -- on the etheric organism of the Cosmos. The etheric Cosmos is organized for very long duration; it is for this reason that a star has its quality of fixity, representing a perpetual influence on the cosmic Ether by the astral Universe. It lasts far longer than the stroking of your cheek. But in the Cosmos things do last longer, for there we are dealing with gigantic measures. Thus in the starry heavens that we perceive, we actually behold an expression of the soul-life of the cosmic astral world.
     In this way, an immense, unfathomable life, yet, at the same time, a soul-life, a real and actual life of the soul, is brought into the Cosmos. Think how dead the Cosmos appears to us when we look into the far spaces and see nothing but burning gaseous bodies. Think how living it all becomes when we know that the stars are an expression of the love with which the astral Cosmos works upon the etheric Cosmos -- for this is to express it with perfect truth. Think then of those mysterious processes when certain stars suddenly light up at certain times, -- processes which have only been explained to us by means of physical hypotheses that do not lead to any real understanding. Stars that were not there before, light up for a time, and disappear again. Thus in the Cosmos too there is a “stroking” of shorter duration. For it is true indeed that in epochs when divine beings desire to work in an especial way from the astral world into the etheric, we behold new stars light up and fade away again.
     We ourselves in our own astral body have feelings of delight and comfort in the most varied ways. In like manner in the Cosmos, through the cosmic astral body, we have the varied configuration of the starry heavens. No wonder that an ancient science, instinctively clairvoyant, describes this third member of our human organism as the “astral” or “starry” body, seeing that it is of like nature with that which reveals itself to us in the stars."

Saturday, September 19, 2020



In the spirit lay the seed of my body.
And the spirit has incorporated into my body
The eyes of sense
That through them I may see
The light of bodies.
And the spirit has imprinted into my body
Thinking and sensation
And feeling and willing
That through them I may perceive bodies
And act upon them.
In the spirit lay the seed of my body.

In my body lies the seed of the spirit.
And I will incorporate into my spirit
Supersensible eyes,
That through them I may behold the light of spirits.
And I will imprint into my spirit
Wisdom and strength and love,
So that the spirits may work through me
And I become the self-conscious instrument
Of their deeds.
In my body lies the seed of the spirit.

Source: Rudolf Steiner. Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, p. 58

Friday, September 18, 2020

Working with meditative sentences

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

Rudolf Steiner: 

It is not a matter of meditating on many sentences, but of letting a little live again and again in a soul that has become become still.

During the meditation itself one should speculate very little, but rather quietly allow the content of the sentences to work upon one. But apart from the meditation, during free moments in the course of the day one should return to the content of the sentences and see what reflections one can draw from them. Then they become a living power that sinks into the soul and makes it strong and vigorous. For when the soul unites with eternal truth, it lives in the eternal. And when the soul lives in the eternal, then higher beings have access to it and can let their own power sink into it.

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

Source: Esoteric Lesson, Berlin, October 24, 1905

Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, p. 37

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Evil is the nourishing soil for the good

From the notes of an audience member at an Esoteric Lesson given by Rudolf Steiner:

     When  we have come to the point that we let fall away all the shadow-nature of both our thoughts and our outer surroundings, we grow into the spiritual world. In order to be able to stand in the right manner in the new world, and be able to understand and judge the things and facts of the spiritual world, we must already have changed our entire thinking in the physical world through esoteric development. This is a new world for us, but it is a world of greater reality than the one we have known so far.
     There we enter a world of real things and beings, and we connect with them; we grow into this world. This world penetrates us, and we lose our earthly thoughts to it. We could say that we lose our head to this world, while the beings and things of this world move into us; it is as if we were to stick our head into an anthill. Then consciousness of the elemental world arises for us. When our soul life is strengthened ever more through the concentration of our thoughts, so that our inner self can separate more and more from the physical body, then the things of that world step before our soul's eye in ever clearer imaginations and visions. We will see that all of our thoughts that we have had on Earth of the good, the benevolent, the noble have transformed into eternal imaginations that, in their living further, lend worth to the universe. And we will see that all the bad, the evil, and all the lower egotistical thoughts remain behind as waste products. It becomes something that is unfruitful, but that then becomes nourishment for what should develop into the good. Just as here on the physical plane, the mineral soil provides the nutrients for the plant world, so will all that is badly thought become the precipitate for the thoughts of the good, the true, and the beautiful that are sprouting in the elemental world. For this reason, esotericists can ever so quickly think something bad or false and imagine it in their thoughts, but they do not let it go further. They know that they may go only to the point at which it remains a thought. They do not let it go over into deed, into a reality. They only let it prepare and make up the soil out of which the seed of the good can grow.
      And thus it has actually happened in the world order; this is how the mineral kingdom of the Earth has come into being. On the Old Moon [the most recent past incarnation of Earth] the Elohim thought the error--this was appropriate to do there--and out of this matter, the mineral kingdom arose. Out of this earthly material, earthly dust, Yahweh-Ehohim was able to create the human being and provide the physical sheath.
     However, Lucifer, who now stands at a similar level upon which the Elohim stood on Old Moon, wants to carry out this same thing. He can use only human beings for this. He can think the error only within human beings.

Source: Esoteric Lessons 1913-1923, pp. 227-228

Monday, September 14, 2020

Bringing in the Sheaves — through Calvaries of Love


There came a Day at Summer's full,
Entirely for me -
I thought that such were for the Saints,
Where Resurrections - be -

The Sun, as common, went abroad,
The flowers, accustomed, blew,
As if no soul the solstice passed
That maketh all things new -

The time was scarce profaned, by speech -
The symbol of a word
Was needless, as at Sacrament,
The Wardrobe - of our Lord -

Each was to each The Sealed Church,
Permitted to commune this - time -
Lest we too awkward show
At Supper of the Lamb.

The Hours slid fast - as Hours will,
Clutched tight, by greedy hands -
So faces on two Decks, look back,
Bound to opposing lands -

And so when all the time had leaked,
Without external sound
Each bound the Other's Crucifix -
We gave no other Bond -

Sufficient troth, that we shall rise -
Deposed - at length, the Grave -
To that new Marriage,
Justified - through Calvaries of Love -

Emily Dickinson

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.  —Psalm 126:5-6

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”  — Galatians 5:22-23

"If one observes how karma works itself out, it may be said from the human side that this living out of karma can only be described as a kind of hunger and its satisfaction."  — Rudolf Steiner

The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy
"On the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience."  —Luke 8:15

1 and 1 and 1 is 1


Washed in the Blood of the Lamb are We
Awash in a Sonburst Sea
You—Love—and I—Love—and Love Divine:
We are the Trinity

You—Love—and I—We are One-Two-Three
Twining Eternally
Two—Yes—and One—Yes—and also Three:
One Dual Trinity
Radiant Calvary
Ultimate Mystery

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

My yoke is easy : My dharma is penance

"The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Rembrandt

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."  — 
Matthew 11:28-30

My yoke is easy : my dharma is penance. In 2003, at the age of 56, I traveled to the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri, because they claimed to be able to tell you what your dharma actually is. Turns out they truly can do what they claim. Here's a transcript of the session in which they lay the light of my dharma on me.

September 13, 2003. You will search for the identity of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. You will relate this one’s dharma from the past and past lifetimes in general in terms of incarnations.

This would be penance. There is a very strong urge within this one and a configuration of attitudes which promote the need for, as well as the capacity for, penance. This is the ability to assess and to give according to the assessment. We see that it is the obligation and the duty and the debt that this one has in any situation, and we see that it does manifest in ways that are appropriate to this. We see that there have been many incarnations in which this one has been somewhat negligent in this regard, inasmuch as this one either did not perceive or did not admit or did not assess accurately the people, places, and things in the life for this one to be able to understand how this one was accountable and how this one was responsible and what this one was responsible for. We see that this then left many situations in many lives where things were left undone, where there were opportunities that were pushed away, from the scattering of attention or the denial of the situation at hand. We see that this then built a considerable amount of energy toward that of penance, of being able to pay what this one owes, and we see that it is through this ability that this one has formed different understandings through subsequent lives, where the penance has become this one’s dharma. We see that this is very strong within this one and there is a constant awareness — even when it is unconscious it is still present, it is a force in this one’s consciousness and therefore in this one’s life — that this one is obligated, is how it is often seen, and we see that it is through this one accepting and moving beyond the limitations of obligation to be able to perceive the benefits of obeisance and generosity that this one will be able to come to a new level of understanding of the dharma itself. This is all.

Very well. What would be the relevance of this one’s dharma to the present lifetime?

In the present we see that this one tends to become distracted through the conscious configuration of obligation. We see that this one has different attitudes about this and we see that some of them are embracing, others are resistant, and we see that it is through this that the awareness is limited of the dharma itself. It would be helpful for this one to begin to develop an image of penance which is desirable. It would be helpful for this one in this to be able to see what it brings to the world personally as well as in this one being connected with living beings. We see that there is a sincere need within this one as well as many others to recognize the sense of duty, purpose, responsibility in order for there to be a greater or heightened sense of connectedness. The sense of duty comes from within the self, it does not pose itself externally; its origin is not apart from this one. And as this one will reconcile this thinking, then there will be a greater flow from within the self of what this one needs to do and why. There is also a need for this one to recognize that the sense of obligation does give this one the sense that there is a need for gratitude. And it is in the embracing of gratitude that this one will become free of the negative connotations to obligation, and these when they are no longer present will make space for there to be joy in the penance — the ability for recompense.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Battlefield Earth

Rudolf Steiner:  "Our Earth is a battlefield; it is the scene of two opposing powers: right and left. The one, the white power on the right, after the Earth has reached a certain degree of material, physical density, strives to spiritualize it once again. The other power, the left or black power, strives to make the Earth ever denser and denser, like the Moon. Thus, after a period of time, the Earth could become the physical expression for the good powers, or the physical expression for the evil. It becomes the physical expression for the good powers through man uniting himself with the spirits working for unification, in that he seeks the ego in the community. It belongs to the function of the Earth to differentiate itself physically to an ever greater degree. Now, it is possible for the separate parts to go their own way, for each part to form an ego. This is the black path. The white path is the one which strives for what is common, which forms an ego in community. Were we to burrow more and more deeply into ourselves, to sink ourselves into our own ego organization, to desire always more and more for ourselves, the final result would be that we should strive to separate ourselves from one another. If on the other hand we draw closer, so that a common spirit inspires us, so that a center is formed between us, in our midst, then we are drawn together, then we are united."

The meditation shrine at the Himalayan Institute


Washed in the Blood of the Lamb are We
Awash in a Sonburst Sea
You—Love—and I—Love—and Love Divine:
We are the Trinity

You—Love—and I—We are One-Two-Three
Twining Eternally
Two—Yes—and One—Yes—and also Three:
One Dual Trinity
Radiant Calvary
Ultimate Mystery


Friday, September 11, 2020

When darkness enshrouds us

We look outward
With our world-engendered eyes,
And what we see thus binds us
To world delight and world despair.
It binds us unto all
That springs to life there, but not less
To all that plunges there
Into the dark abyss.

But we also behold
With our spirit-entrusted eye.
What we thus behold binds us
To spirit hope and spirit’s upholding power.
It binds us unto all
That roots within eternity
And bears within eternity its fruits.

Yet we can only then behold
When we feel the inner eye
Itself as God-given spirit organ,
Which at the focus of the soul,
Within the temple of our body,
Fulfills the deed of gods.

Humankind is in forgetfulness
Of the Godhead’s innermost.
We, though, will raise it and take it
Into our consciousness, flood it with light
And then bear it over dust and ashes—
The divine flame in the human heart.

So may the lightning shatter into dust
Our sense-built houses.
We will erect instead soul houses
Built on knowledge,
Upon its iron-firm, light-woven web.
And downfall of the outer
Shall become uprise
Of the soul’s own innermost.

For pain passes upon us
From powers of material force,
But hope illumines
Even when darkness enshrouds us,
And it will one day
Emerge within our memory
When at length, after the darkness,
We may live again in light.
We do not want this clear illumining
To be in future brightnesses denied us
Because we have not now,
In pain, implanted it in our souls.

                           —Rudolf Steiner

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

In these trying times

Rudolf Steiner:  "To despair because one does not believe that a sufficiently large number of people, even in the present troubled circumstances, can find understanding for such ideas even if sufficient energy is dedicated to their dissemination, is to despair of human nature's susceptivity to purposeful and health-giving impulses. This question, whether one should despair or not, should not be asked — rather only this other: How can ideas which instill confidence be explained in the most effective possible way?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Great balls of fire! This is what reading Rudolf Steiner is like

"I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!"  — Luke 12:49-50

"Properly, we should read for power (sustenance). Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand."  — Ezra Pound

Rudolf Steiner:  "For those who can have enthusiastic feelings about Anthroposophy and know how to find consolation in it, the higher spiritual sciences are a blessing because they bring consolation and strength under all circumstances. No one leaves these sciences without consolation. The greater our goals, the more our striving will be penetrated by ideals, and human beings will carry them out into the world. We pursue spiritual science and interweave it with our inner human being. It penetrates us and we can carry it out among other people. 
We have to work on these goals as much as we are able. We do not have the right to leave the paths and goals of the spiritual human being unobserved. It is our duty to interweave the soul element with the physical world. Human beings are the entrance gate, the only spiritual gate in the physical and material world through which the heavens can flow in. We can dissolve the lead of materialism by allowing the spiritual truths to penetrate us. Only when human beings work on human development do they contribute to life and not to death. Walking the paths and goals of the spiritual human being means pursuing the task of turning the supersensory into the soul element."

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