Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Karma and Illness

“In general we can understand the outbreak of a certain illness in an individual as the expression of a karmic cause. From spiritual science we know that the disposition to the development of an illness reflects the result of certain behavior, of deeds in a previous life. Nevertheless, we should not ignore the fact that an illness is not sent by the opposing powers. It is we ourselves who really bring it about, but it is the good divine spirits who convert our karmic behavior in a previous life to a special “task” in the present life in order to give us the opportunity to grow by means of this task. The individual’s illness, whether it be the flu or a heart condition, is caused by his moral biography during the previous incarnation. So-called risk factors, which may really precede the illness, merely display the instruments, the “helpers” that cause the karmic illness to break out in this life, so that a healthy balance in the soul can be attained.”   — Judith von Halle

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