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Of the corruption of Nature and the efficacy of Divine Grace. The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis. Book 3, Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Of the corruption of Nature and the efficacy of Divine Grace.

O Lord my God, who hast created me after thine own image and
similitude, grant me this grace, which Thou hast shown to be so
great and so necessary for salvation, that I may conquer my
wicked nature, which draweth me to sin and to perdition. For I
feel in my flesh the law of sin, contradicting the law of my
mind, and bringing me into captivity to the obedience of
sensuality in many things; nor can I resist its passions, unless
Thy most holy grace assist me, fervently poured into my heart.
There is need of Thy grace, yea, and of a great measure
thereof, that my nature may be conquered, which hath always been
prone to evil from my youth. For being fallen through the first
man Adam, and corrupted through sin, the punishment of this
stain descended upon all men; so that Nature itself, which was
framed good and right by Thee, is now used to express the vice
and infirmity of corrupted Nature; because its motion left unto
itself draweth men away to evil and to lower things. For the
little power which remaineth is as it were one spark lying hid in
the ashes. This is Natural reason itself, encompassed with thick
clouds, having yet a discernment of good and evil, a distinction
of the true and the false, though it be powerless to fulfill all
that it approveth, and possess not yet the full light of truth,
nor healthfulness of its affections.
Hence it is, O my God, that I delight in Thy law after the
inward man, knowing that Thy commandment is holy and just and
good; reproving also all evil, and the sin that is to be avoided:
yet with the flesh I serve the law of sin, while I obey
sensuality rather than reason. Hence it is that to will to do
good is present with me, but how to perform it I find not.
Hence I ofttimes purpose many good things; but because grace is
lacking to help mine infirmities, I fall back before a little
resistance and fail. Hence it cometh to pass that I recognize
the way of perfectness, and see very clearly what things I ought
to do; but pressed down by the weight of my own corruption, I
rise not to the things which are more perfect.
Oh how entirely necessary is Thy grace to me, O Lord, for a
good beginning, for progress, and for bringing to perfection.
For without it I can do nothing, but I can do all things through
Thy grace which strengtheneth me. O truly heavenly grace,
without which our own merits are nought, and no gifts of Nature
at all are to be esteemed. Arts, riches, beauty, strength, wit,
eloquence, they all avail nothing before Thee, O Lord, without
Thy grace. For the gifts of Nature belong to good and evil
alike; but the proper gift of the elect is grace — that is, love —
and they who bear the mark thereof are held worthy of everlasting
life. So mighty is this grace that without it neither the gift
of prophecy nor the working of miracles, nor any speculation,
howsoever lofty, is of any value at all. But neither faith, nor
hope, nor any other virtue is accepted with Thee without love and
O most blessed grace that makest the poor in spirit rich in
virtues, and renderest him who is rich in many things humble in
spirit, come Thou, descend upon me, fill me early with Thy
consolation, lest my soul fail through weariness and drought of
mind. I beseech thee, O Lord, that I may find grace in Thy
sight, for Thy grace is sufficient for me, when I obtain not
those things which Nature longeth for. If I be tempted and vexed
with many tribulations, I will fear no evil while Thy grace
remaineth with me. This alone is my strength, this bringeth me
counsel and help. It is more powerful than all enemies, and
wiser than all the wise men in the world.
It is the mistress of truth, the teacher of discipline, the
light of the heart, the solace of anxiety, the banisher of
sorrow, the deliverer from fear, the nurse of devotion, the
drawer forth of tears. What am I without it, save a dry tree, a
useless branch, worthy to be cast away! “Let Thy grace,
therefore, O Lord, always prevent and follow me, and make me
continually given to all good works, through Jesus Christ, Thy
Son. Amen.”

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