Thursday, February 5, 2015

Of pure and entire resignation of self, for the obtaining of liberty of heart. The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis. Book 3, Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Of pure and entire resignation of self, for the obtaining of liberty of heart.

“My Son, lose thyself and thou shalt find Me. Stand still
without all choosing and all thought of self, and thou shalt ever
be a gainer. For more grace shall be added to thee, as soon as
thou resignest thyself, and so long as thou dost not turn back to
take thyself again.”
O Lord, how often shall I resign myself, and in what things
shall I lose myself?
“Always; every hour: in that which is little, and in that
which is great. I make no exception, but will that thou be found
naked in all things. Otherwise how canst thou be Mine and I
thine, unless thou be inwardly and outwardly free from every will
of thine own? The sooner thou dost this, the better shall it be
with thee; and the more fully and sincerely, the more thou shalt
please Me, and the more abundantly shalt thou be rewarded.
“Some resign themselves, but with certain reservations, for
they do not fully trust in God, therefore they think that they
have some provision to make for themselves. Some again at first
offer everything; but afterwards being pressed by temptation they
return to their own devices, and thus make no progress in virtue.
They will not attain to the true liberty of a pure heart, nor to
the grace of My sweet companionship, unless they first entirely
resign themselves and daily offer themselves up as a sacrifice;
without this the union which bringeth forth fruit standeth not
nor will stand.
“Many a time I have said unto thee, and now say again, Give
thyself up, resign thyself, and thou shalt have great inward
peace. Give all for all; demand nothing, ask nothing in return;
stand simply and with no hesitation in Me, and thou shalt possess
Me. Thou shalt have liberty of heart, and the darkness shall not
overwhelm thee. For this strive thou, pray for it, long after
it, that thou mayest be delivered from all possession of thyself,
and nakedly follow Jesus who was made naked for thee; mayest die
unto thyself and live eternally to Me. Then shall all vain
fancies disappear, all evil disturbings, and superfluous cares.
Then also shall immoderate fear depart from thee, and inordinate
love shall die.”

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