Monday, April 2, 2012

Anthroposophia: The warming trust the knowledge of Christ gives us

"Stigmata of St. Francis" by Giotto

Judith von Halle: 

"Striving to gain insight into the organization of the human body, for this is the sphere of the highest spiritual beings of the hierarchies. The first hierarchy is active in the physical body--not in the etheric, not in the astral, but in the physical body, and this is connected from the very beginning with the Christ Being. For this reason, in his fresco of the stigmatization of St. Francis, Giotto painted the Christ Being as a six-winged cherub or seraph. This being acted upon the stigmatized body and transformed it right down into the blood which is able to generate itself from the superphysical bread and maintain the body through the spirit.

That this can happen within all of us is the warming trust the knowledge of Christ gives us every day."
--And If He Has Not Been Raised..., pp. 46-47

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