Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Not I, but Christ in Me": The Union of the Spirit Father with the Earth Mother Within Ourselves at St. John's-tide

From the focus lecture for this evening's meeting of the Rudolf Steiner Study Circle

Rudolf Steiner, October 12, 1923:

"...we can feel ourselves united, on one side, with the shining cosmic Intelligence. On the other hand in the depths we feel ourselves united with the tendency to fixed form, with what is immersed in the bluish darkness from out of which the silvery radiance streams forth. Down there we feel the material foundation of active spiritual being. The heights become mysteries, the depths become mysteries, and human beings themselves become a mystery within the mysteries of the cosmos. Right into their bony system human beings feel the crystal-forming power. But they feel also how this same power is in cosmic union with the living power of light in the heavens above. They feel how all the morality taking place in humanity lives and has its being both in these mysteries of the heights and in these mysteries of the depths, and in the uniting of them both,. They feel that they are no longer sundered from the world around them but placed within it, united above with the shining Intelligence in which they experience, as in the womb of worlds, their own best thoughts., They feel themselves united below, right into their bony system, with the cosmic crystallizing force--and they feel the two united with one another again. They feel their death united with the spirit-life of the universe; and they feel how this spirit-life craves to awaken and create the crystal forces and the silver-gleaming life in the midst of earthly death."

Source: The Four Seasons and the Archangels, pp. 52-53

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