Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Second Coming of Christ

Emil Bock:  "Destiny refutes the materialistic worldview. Destiny makes manifest the actuality of a supersensory world: that supersensible world breaks in upon us. The catastrophes, conflicts, tensions, wars and the clamor of battles that occur among us are not the totality of all that occurs. It is merely the bottom edge. What gives our era its actual content takes place above our heads. Where we do not look, there, the most important events take place.

"Christ reveals himself anew. The sphere that is his kingdom presses near, even as the sea comes roaring in over dry ground when ebbtide is over and floodtide sets in. Above our heads the spheres move. But we do not see and recognize the world in which the true happenings of our days take place. We are merely puzzled about shadowy outlines, wonder at the strange darkness that falls. We do not see the light that rises behind the clouds and throws these shadows. How can we break the dark spell that confines our insight, vision, and perception to the world of the senses and causes us to sleep through the major event of our time?"

Source: The Rhythm of the Christian Year, p. 11

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